What’s ShredIt?

ShredIt was born to help people regain control in attaining their fitness goals.

Life places its demands on us and as a result not all of us have time to understand what it takes to achieve our health goals. Busy lives have no place to calculate calories, make shopping lists, and discover recipes all the while being economical.

We understand that pain, and we’ve been there before! That’s why we have developed ShredIt to help people like you achieve your fitness goals with ease and convenience. Let ShredIt do all the heavy lifting — calculate how much to eat, pick out and deliver your groceries, and help you with recipes that are tailored to your preferences, all with the goal of attaining your health goals with zero waste!

ShredIt Steak Tacos

How Does It Work?


Fill In The Form

Here, we will ask you for your personal details, your health and fitness goals, the number of meals you’d like delivered and the food you like to eat during the week.


let us find your recipes and groceries

Using our algorithm and the information you have provided, we will curate recipes that are just right for you


Review Your Basket

Here you can edit items and recipes before confirming your basket


Start Cooking

We’ll send you your recipe instructions via email right after you confirm your basket. Once your groceries have been delivered to your doorstep, you can get cooking!




So, What Will I Get?

With each ShredIt Box you order, you’ll have everything you need to achieve your health goals

Precise ingredients

— Easy to follow recipe instructions

— Meals for you or your entire family

— Recipes built for your health goals